Bocce Courts

The primary consideration when addressing bocce court construction should be the playing surface. Keep in mind that no matter how aesthetically pleasing a bocce court is, nor how expensive the drainage system, if it has an inferior surface it will get less use! A premium surface should play fast, have minimal bounce, and be easy to maintain.

Bocce courts are typically unique in design and construction when compared to each other. Length, width, choice of materials, and even the playing surface have a certain arbitrary nature to them. While some dispute that Bocce is the fastest growing activity in the United States, Bocce courts are becoming commonplace and seemingly everyone has played. Whether you are interested in a court for private use or you represent a municipality, take advantage of our knowledge and willingness to help. We have consulted private individuals with a passion for bocce, as well some of the largest developers in the country. We sell bulk oyster blend for you to surface your own court. Sports & Golf Solutions is dedicated to quality. If you don’t see a way to buy from us online, call or email and we will work out the details with you. . If you have Bocce needs, let¬†Sports & Golf Solutions help.

Surfaces available:

  • Synthetic turf
  • Clay
  • Cinders
  • Crushed oyster shells