I bought my synthetic grass at Sports & Golf Solutions roughly 2 years back and haven’t been disappointed since then. My grass is always looking good so I don’t have to mow the damn thing. I would strongly recommend Sports & Golf Solutions artificial grass to any person that just doesn’t want to deal with the grass every summer. Thank you

Timothy Chute

Chiropractor, Feel Good Chiropractors

I am honestly so grateful I installed Sports & Golf Solutions’ synthetic grass for my garden in my backyard. There’s a certain aesthetic to my new garden that can’t be measured with the presence of real grass. In the future, I plan to install a private playground and mini-field from Sports & Golf Solutions in my palace. These guys at Sports & Golf Solutions are excellent at what they do.
Joe Greenwood

Health Inspector , Paramus Municipal Court

Just had Sports & Golf Solutions install a private mini-golf course in my backyard for friends and family to play during vacations and visits. It’s absolutely perfect. I definitely recommend this service to anyone that has some money to spare to get something nice for the house. Thank you
Rajiv Rao

Cardiologist, Hackensack Hospital

Had Sports & Golf Solutions install a synthetic field for the new stadium at our school roughly 6 months ago and have been very impressed with the results. The coach and sports administrator at the school have only given me compliments since I decided to install the new field so I’m feeling very good about myself. If you’re running a school and plan to install a new field for the school, I strongly recommend Sports & Golf Solutions for your installation.
John Cicone

Principal, Fort Lee Highschool